For technical assistance related to malfunctioning of the on-line registration platform for the event please contact Sviluppo@edustar.it.

To clarify any doubts regarding registration, siging up for company presentations or organization of interviews Job Guidance Office representatives are available at careerfair2021@unitn.it.

After accessing the UniTrento Career Fair platform, you can cancel an interview by 12:00 (noon) on the working day prior to the date on which the interview was scheduled in order to allow the Job Guidance Office to re-allocate the time slot that has been freed. For example, an interview scheduled for Monday can be canceled until noon on Friday of the previous week; an interview scheduled for Tuesday can be canceled by noon on Monday, etc.

Both you and the company will have a "virtual room" reserved for the 20-minute interview (via the "ZOOM").

You will be able to access the room directly from the UniTrento Career Fair platform under the Today's Interviews section. The room will open at the scheduled starting time of the interview. However, we recommend connecting a few minutes early to prepare and verify that the Internet connection functions properly.

The interviews will be held starting from Monday 24 May until Friday 28 May. The interview days assigned to each company will be posted on the UniTrento Career Fair platform under the Calendar of Interview Days by Company section.

To make your CV visible to companies you need to express your interest through the Indicate Interest function (heart icon) on the platform.

If during the registration phase you selected the appropriate flag "I agree to be contacted by the companies participating in the UniTrento Career Fair and they can consult my data using the search keys," your profile and your CV will be visible to the companies conducting video interviews.

However, to request an interview with the companies you are REQUIRED TO APPLY by sending your CV to the individual companies.

If you have not ticked the flag during registration, you can do so at any time in the My Details section.

REMINDER: Once consent has been given your choice cannot be changed.

PLEASE NOTE: For all those companies that have decided to participate but not conduct interviews during the event, you can decide whether or not to make your CV visible by expressing interest in each individual company.

Interview requests can be sent starting from 7 May until 12 May by accessing the UniTrento Career Fair platform.

Once you have identified the company or expressed your interest, you can send the interview request and add a motivation letter.

The company will then be able to view your profile, your motivation letter and the CV you uploaded to the platform and will subsequently evaluate your interview request.

From the UniTrento Career Fair platform in the Requests Sent section you will be able to view the status of your interview requests.

In addition, you will always receive an email notification in case of acceptance or rejection by the company.

If the request is accepted, the company will schedule an interview directly in your agenda based on the availability you have indicated.

You will receive an email notification with the date and time of the scheduled interview.

Therefore, before sending your interview requests it is very important to update your online agenda so that companies can schedule an interview for you only when you are actually available.

The greater your availability, the more likely you are to schedule interviews with companies.

Starting from 7 May (until 12 May) the Agenda Management section will be activated where you can enter your availability for interviews with companies.

During your fist access, you will find the agenda with all the time slots available (in green).

It is up to you to deactivate the time slots during which you are not available.

Therefore, before sending interview requests it is very important to update your online agenda so that you can potentially be interviewed only when you are really available.

The greater your availability, the more likely you are to schedule interviews with companies.

However, we remind you that there will be a preselection of CVs and therefore you may not be contacted for interviews in some cases.

By accessing the platform, you will be able to search among the participating companies and their areas based on a series of parameters.

For companies that will carry out interviews the week following the event, you can request an interview by clicking on the appropriate button. For all other companies that will not be conducting interviews, you can express interest and then send your CV.

To participate in the company presentations, you will need to register directly through the platform in the Company Presentations section.

On 19 May you will have to enter the indicated section of the Career Fair platform to participate in the live broadcast that will take place via the ZOOM platform.

Enter as much information as possible about your personal and professional experience to make yourself known to companies and attract their interest.

Furthermore, upload your profile photo as it is really very useful and professional!

In the Personal Presentation section, enter a brief description about you interests and professional goals, indicate the sectors in which you would like to work and upload an updated version of your CV in pdf format.

You can update your CV as many times as you like, but be aware that companies will only see the latest version uploaded by you.

REMINDER: Click on the SAVE button at the bottom of the page when you have finished making changes!

Sign up for the Company Presentations to prepare for your job search or internship and to become familiar with the participating companies.